About QED: 

100% Bluefaced Leicester wool
4 oz / 168 yds
4.25 sts/" on US #8
5-ply heavy worsted weight

Our ideal workhorse sweater yarn. It's a tightly spun 5-ply wool with the relatively long staple of the BFL breed, so it's quite pill resistant. Though not luxuriously soft, we find it soft enough to put next to skin; it has great elasticity and plenty sticky power for colourwork and steeking. 'QED' stands for Quod Erat Demonstrandum, Latin for 'that which was to be demonstrated', a common line after the conclusion of a mathematical proof. Colourway names are drawn from scientific subjects. 

We've been asked about increasing the yardage per skein, but are unfortunately unable to do so due to the restrictions of our dye recipes - the skeins need to weigh 4 oz. However, in deference to the larger quantities of yarn you may need for a sweater, we have offered a custom dye listing - you can select a quantity of 4 or more skeins and we will dye them to order in the standard or current seasonal colourway of your choice. 

QED should be hand washed and laid flat to dry, though its toughness means it won't felt too easily. Due to the variation in colour between skeins inherent in hand-dyed yarn, we recommend alternating skeins every two rows or every round if using more than one skein. 

Note: All accompanying swatch images are done with our 'Skinny Bugga' yarn. Due to the nature of hand-painted yarn and the variability of a given colourway among bases (colour saturation, etc.), these swatches are meant to offer a representative idea of a colourway, not an exact depiction.

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