Sappho I

About Sappho I (pronounced Sa'-foh):

100% Uruguayan Merino wool
3.5 oz / 850 yds
laceweight singles

Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue our beloved Sappho I and II yarns. What's left is all there is...

A yarn as hedonistic and lovely as the songs of its namesake, the ancient poet Sappho of Lesbos. Each colourway is named for a line from one of her surviving song fragments, whose lines appear below the image. The yarn is wonderfully sticky, making it hold and show off the shape of lace patterns very well. 

"Some say there are nine muses: how 
thoughtless. Look: Sappho of Lesbos is the tenth.” - Plato

Care: Sappho is quite delicate and felts easily. Garments should be handled with care and hand washed cold, without agitation, pressed in a towel to squeeze out extra moisture, and laid flat to dry.

Note: All accompanying swatch images are done with our 'Skinny Bugga' yarn. Due to the nature of hand-painted yarn and the variability of a given colourway among bases (colour saturation, etc.), these swatches are meant to offer a representative idea of a colourway, not an exact depiction.

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